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Is Red Bull Halal?

Is Red Bull Halal
I’m sure that everybody knows what we are talking about when we say it gives you wings. Red Bull, of course!  If you are a fan of energy drinks, th...

Is wine vinegar halal?

Is wine vinegar halal
A condiment that has been around for tens of thousands of years is vinegar. We use wine vinegar in cooking, for salads, for toasts, and many differ...

Is duck halal?

Is duck halal
Are you following a certain lifestyle and eating habits due to your Islamic or other religion? You might have been taught your whole life about the...

Halal gluten

Halal gluten
Gluten can be found in a variety of everyday foods. Some of them, such as cakes and sweets, are among our favourites. But is this in the category o...

Is energy drink Monster halal?

Is energy drink Monster halal
These days, a lot of young people are drinking energy drinks.   One of the most well-known energy drinks is Monster. But do we really understand wh...

Which chocolate is halal?

Which chocolate is halal?
Lucky for us chocolate-obsessed Muslims, our beloved treat is halal! Or rather, it can be halal.  Chocolate is made from seeds sourced from the cac...

Is vanilla extract halal?

Is vanilla extract halal?
There are hundreds of ingredients to avoid on a halal diet. Some ingredients, such as pork, gelatine, and whey, are obviously not halal.  However, ...

How To Know Which Gummy Brand is Halal Or Not?

How To Know Which Gummy Brand is Halal Or Not?
What's the best way to take your medicines and nutrients if you aren't fond of pills and syrups?  Apparently, brand manufacturers have also recogni...

Which Chips Are Halal?

Halal Chips
The tussle of distinguishing the food products into halal and haram is a constant effort. The commonly consumed snacks like chips often have meat e...

Is Pringles halal?

Is Pringles halal
Pringles is arguably one of the most popular snack brands in the world. The Kellogg’s-owned stackable potato chips gained immediate attention due t...

Is Beef Gelatin Halal?

Is Beef Gelatin Halal?
Distinguishing between halal and haram products is a great deal in the global market — as more people are now shifting to the trend to try mixed cu...

Is whey protein halal?

Is whey protein halal?
You may have heard about the perks of whey protein in weight management and athletic performance. It’s almost impossible to go to the gym without r...