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Is Corn Syrup Halal?

Is Corn Syrup Halal?

Corn syrup is a thick, sugary syrup made from naturally occurring sugars in corn. It has several culinary uses, including creating confectionery, jams and frostings, baked products, and jellies. It is somewhat less sweet than regular table sugar. 

Since corn syrup is used in several products, one question that comes to mind is whether it is halal. However, there are vegan gummies that are one hundred percent halal, and one can eat them without any issues. 

What Is Halal?

In Arabic, the word halal means to be permitted. It denotes something acceptable in terms of Islamic law. Even though it is most usually used for eating, it refers to any behavior allowed in Islam. Haram, often known as non-Halal, is the reverse of Halal. All that is prohibited by Islamic principles are referred to as haram. 

Despite frequently being used with food, it can also refer to other immoral behaviors in Islam, such as thieving, fraud, etc. Halal food refers to all acceptable food consumed by Islamic principles.

According to laws, halal foods:

  1. Should not contain any ingredients that Muslims are not allowed to consume
  2. Also, it is vital that the edible items must be prepared with utensils or equipment that have been thoroughly cleaned according to the law.  

Is Corn Syrup Halal?

According to Islamic law, maize syrup is produced without alcohol, pork products, and other additives. Since it abides by Islamic law, it is one hundred percent halal. 

Corn syrup varies in grade and contains various proportions of oligosaccharides and maltose. It is made from corn starch; however, it is not necessary to use corn starch. Wheat, potatoes, rice, and other plants can also be used. Although corn syrup is halal, consuming it in large quantities may not be suitable for health. 

Whether made of granulated sugar or corn syrup, the refined sweetener is a source of empty calories. Consuming excessive amounts can disrupt your insulin levels and cause weight gain. Consuming too many sweeteners is not a healthy option because they are included in many high-calorie junk meals.

However, there is a healthier alternative, and that is to have multivitamin gummies. It is a practical method of taking vitamins. 

Vegan gummies are an excellent method to receive your daily dosage of nutrients because they are created in a way that makes them simpler to consume than traditional vitamins. Of course, since they are gummies, they are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and flavors. So, it is enjoyable and tasty for kids as well.

Corn Syrup


Summing up, yes, corn syrup is halal. However, to be one hundred percent sure, foods that display the word "halal" on their label have been certified as being free of any substances or components that are prohibited by law. The name of the certifying authority must appear with any halal claims made on the package or nutrition label.