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Is Subway tuna halal?

Is Subway tuna halal?

Tuna is a fast-moving fish, famous for its characteristic pink or red colour and its remarkably delicious taste. It is of great health benefits, as it is a good source of protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

It is used to cook delicious meals that suit every taste bud. While these fishes are excellent, tasty and in high demand, one question troubles a devout Muslim thinking about adding this to their list of fast-food treats.

This article offers an in-depth study of the halal status of subway tuna, answering the big question - is subway tuna halal?


Subway is a global fast-food restaurant similar to Chipotle. It is found in the united states alongside hundreds of countries. This large franchise is known to serve submarine sandwiches, wraps, salads, and beverages.

They also allow customers to choose personalised toppings on their sandwiches from various options. Subway tags itself as eating fresh, priding itself on using fresh ingredients in its sandwiches.

tuna steak

Is subway tuna halal?

Generally, tuna is said to be halal!

The halal calculator reveals if a diet is halal or haram. But to figure out if subway tunas in no way oppose the halal law, we'll need to look at how their tuna is produced, its ingredients, and whether they have any haram components.

Ingredients used in making Subway tuna

The subway tuna recipe comprises many host ingredients, some of which are;


Six ounces of light tuna, depending on the size to be prepared. It is the main ingredient here. Tuna is preferably better when captured in the wild, as they are purely halal. 

However, farm-raised tunas consume non-halal foods. Therefore they may be considered haram. But these fishes are naturally occurring saltwater animals, and according to Islamic law, all sea animals are halal.

Hence tuna is halal and fit for consumption!

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is also essential, though optional. It is responsible for the subway tuna tart or distinctive sharp taste.

Lemon juice

Vegetable oils

Often used is vegetable oil, and used majorly to moisturise the tunas!

Salt and pepper

These are used as seasonings to enhance the taste of the tuna, giving it that appealing taste you love.

Eggless mayonnaise

Subway tuna contains a unique kind of mayonnaise. All of Subway's locations use a brand-specific, specialised, eggless mayo. This mayo is often flavoured with mint and is strictly not for sale to consumers. The eggless tuna gives the tuna its unique taste!

The processes involved in making subway tuna

Even if the tuna comes from a halal source, it could still become contaminated during processing or packaging with non-halal ingredients.

Here are the three simple steps used in making those mouth-watering subway tunas.

  • Mixing: The ingredients are gathered together and mixed.
  • Stirring: Vigorously stir the mixture to make it as smooth as possible.
  • Chilling: Tuna is best for serving when cooled and refrigerated.

Subway tuna is considered halal if it contains no haram ingredients and the process is free of impurities. But unfortunately, one of its ingredients, phosphate, make tuna haram.

When the subway tuna is processed, phosphate enhances the quality of the fish product while increasing its shelf life. This is often used in canned tuna products and is considered haram according to Islamic rule.

Finally, because of the potential for mercury exposure, some Muslims avoid tuna entirely. However, they are sometimes made mercury-free and phosphate-free, making them safe for consumption.


Subway restaurant has made efforts to appease Muslims by removing hams and bacon from some of its outlets and stating that all of its meat will be cooked halal, but there's no way to prove that right now!

Hence your personal beliefs and research before consumption - should serve as a guide!

Should you ever find yourself there, always pick the Subway halal menu instead of the standard fast food menu, as providing healthy, sugary, halal treats is a feat only a few companies like Chewwies can boast of.