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How does iron deficiency put your heart at risk?

How does iron deficiency put your heart at risk?
Iron is one mineral the body cannot do without, it is known for significant roles. Iron, like vitamin C, plays a significant role in bone health an...

How Did The Old Navies Fight Scurvy?

In the old days, Scurvy was a major killer in navies worldwide. This deadly disease is caused by Vitamin C deficiency and manifests in lethargy, gu...

How iron could boost your athletic performance

How iron could boost your athletic performance
Athletes always seek new ways to boost sporting performance. While steroids and other pills may be tempting options, there is a vital nutrient that...

How do our bodies absorb iron?

how bodies absorb iron
Iron is gold for your body. Our school textbooks have already taught us the significant roles iron plays in maintaining our health. If it doesn’t r...

Iron and nail health

Iron and nail health
Are you frustrated with brittle, weak nails that do not grow? Or tired of spending money on nail treatments that never seem to work? If your answer...

What Are The Signs Of Iron Deficiency & Anemia?

Iron deficiency and anemia
Iron - the carrier of blood and oxygen and one of the most important components that form the vitals - yet, about 18% of the global population suff...

Old age and iron deficiency

Old age and iron deficiency
As we grow older, our body system changes. From the number of nutrients needed to strength and even absorption capabilities. This change makes us p...

A Definitive Guide To Iron Supplements During Pregnancy

Iron Supplements During Pregnancy
The demand for iron is not only in the market but also in the body. Pregnancy is a beautiful moment for women looking forward to becoming loving mo...

Can I take vitamin C and vitamin D together?

vitamin C and vitamin D
Taking vitamins is an important aspect of maintaining good health, and many people wonder if it is safe to take certain vitamins together. Vitamin ...

Are vitamin C gummies effective?

Are vitamin C gummies effective
Vitamin C gummies have become increasingly popular in recent years, as people look for convenient ways to supplement their diets with this importan...

Can vitamin C cause acne

Can vitamin C cause acne
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health. It is known for its ability to boost the immune system,...

Can you use vitamin C with hyaluronic acid?

vitamin C with hyaluronic acid
Having clear and healthy skin is a dream that everyone, regardless of age or gender, aspires to achieve. Fortunately, two skincare ingredients make...