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Is deer halal?

deer meat

Deer meat is a famous cuisine known as venison. It is enjoyed in many countries including the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, the United States, and New Zealand. 

It tastes just like beef and horse meat, only a leaner version. This delicacy could be made into steaks, tenderloin, roasts, sausages, jerky, and minced meat. 

It is also used to prepare a lot of delicious meals including Shepherd's Pie Soup and venison meatballs. Despite its popularity and delectable taste, there are questions surrounding its halal status. 

When it comes to processed foods, we could easily use the halal calculator to get answers but for meats, it’s quite tricky. Hence, this article presents answers to such questions…

Is deer halal? Yes, Deer is halal!

Deer meat is confirmed to be Halal by the Quran and the Sunnah. This is because it does not fall under the category of prohibited animals - It is no swine but rather a cow animal. 

The deer is only halal if it is hunted and slaughtered according to Islamic laws for meats. 

Why is deer halal?

Allah has revealed what is halal and what is haram for Muslims in various ways. Allah declares that grazing animals are halal and permissible in Surah Mai'daht. 

Deer meat is no predator and does not fit into the category of animals like crocodiles with talons or fangs, Neither are they used for labour.

Some cattle, including oxen and camels, are used for labour. hence making anything that comes from them haram for consumption. But the meat, hide, and milk of other cattle species, such as sheep and goats, are perfect for consumption. 

Deer, just like cattle are grazing animals and not used for labour. Hence their meat is acceptable for the Islam diet.

While, it is acceptable to eat the majority of herbivores and cud-chewing animals, of which deer falls under the animal must be hunted and slaughtered according to the laws of Islam.

deer is halal

Halal process of slaughtering an animal 

Halal slaughter involves making a quick cut to the throat of the animal with an extremely sharp knife. The animal is then turned upside down for all its blood to drain.

Animals must be slaughtered gently while reciting the Bismillah and Takbir, bearing in mind these animals have feelings too. 

The meat is forbidden for consumption if the animal was mistreated or tortured before being killed. Or it was electrocuted, boiled, strangled, or killed by a wild animal or died from falling.

Muslim Approach to Hunting

When it comes to hunting, some practices are forbidden and some essential guides ought to be followed for the meat to be halal. Some of them include;

The animal should be found immediately after it was shot. It becomes haram if the hunt for the shot animal is not continuous but interrupted even for a short period.

The animal has to die due to blood loss from the gun wound, not sickness or falling or even the bullet impact. The meat becomes haram if the animal dies from any of these.

If it is still alive and still bleeding, slaughter it in the name of Allah! 

Lastly hunting during pilgrimages and hunting as a sport is against Islamic law, thus any animal obtained that way becomes haram!

Halal deer hunting?

Deer are regarded as halal and clean if they are hunted following Islamic Shariah law.

Deer are of two types; Domestic and wild ones. Hunting and killing of the wild ones for food are halal and safe for eating. However, when domesticated it becomes clean and if hunted, it turns dirty making it unfit for consumption.

The young of a deer is also haram, or forbidden, as Shariah law kicks against the killing of helpless animals, incapable of fleeing from the hunter. 

deer hunting


Islam only forbids and permits what is in the greatest interests of people. Allah who created us is best suited to determine what is good and bad for us. Chewwies is only here to guide you in staying halal and staying healthy.