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Does taking multivitamins really help?


Multivitamins have gained quite the momentum that today about half of the American adults consume them regularly. Unsurprisingly, this industry generates more than 12 billion dollars yearly. However, most people are sceptical about the authenticity and benefits of these multivitamins.

Are they just a way to mint money, or are there any benefits of consuming these tablets? If you are trying to find answers to these questions, read on further!

What Do Multivitamins Comprise?

Before finding any real benefits, let us find out what they are composed of. Typically, your body needs around 13 vitamins and 15 minerals to stay healthy. These supplements comprise different ratios of these essential vitamins and minerals.

They can either be derived from natural sources or can be produced synthetically. Sometimes, these supplements also contain herbs, amino acids, and fatty acids. The most common vitamins found in multivitamins include A, B, C, D, and E.

vitamins and minerals

What Do Health Studies Suggest?

Being a hot topic, the intake of multivitamins and their implications have been debated by scientists across the world. Myriads of health studies have been conducted to observe patterns and differences.

One particular research focused on the long-term implications of these multivitamin supplements, and according to this study, men were about 8% less likely to be diagnosed with diseases like cancer. It was also suggested that they helped alleviate the risk or the need for cataracts.

Regular consumption of these multivitamin supplements can prove beneficial for children who tend to be picky about the food they consume. We all know that their growing bodies need an abundant amount of vitamins for building their immune system and body. However, being young, they shy away from these healthy foods. In these cases, you can explore multivitamin gummies

However, there is no proper evidence backing the extensive effectiveness of these multivitamin supplements. In addition, studies also found that regular consumption of these supplements plays no role in preventing the body from brain- and heart-related risks and diseases.

Some Benefits of Consuming These Supplements

1. Augments Energy Levels

With the world running at a faster pace than ever, we all need to sit tight in our game and match the pace to come out at the top. However, without sufficient vitamin levels in your body, your body may experience fatigue even while performing simple tasks.

This is why taking these supplements is a sure-shot way in taking one step closer to being as fit and energetic as ever!

2. Alleviates Stress And Anxiety Levels

Your body needs B vitamins to convert food into energy and maintain the effective functioning of your nervous system. By taking these multivitamin supplements, you can ensure that your body can perform all these activities seamlessly as the vitamin levels keep getting replenished! 

3. Maintain Your Muscular Strength

With the world changing at a rapid pace, the pollution levels have drastically increased. This means that your body is at a constant battle with free radicals, which can deplete your muscular strength and agility. 

However, by consuming these multivitamin supplements, you can ensure that your body is power-packed with the goodness of various vitamins essential in keeping these free radicals in check!

4. Improves Your Mood

Ever got the feeling that you are being moody or irritable for no particular reason? Well, the reason could be an imbalance of vitamins in your body. While there is no evidence to support multivitamin supplements’ role in combating brain-related diseases, you certainly can benefit from replenishing these vitamins! Wondering how?

Your body needs a multitude of vitamins to maintain your brain’s functioning, which is directly linked to your mood and emotional being!

vitamins and mood

Precautions to Be Taken during Their Consumption

As promising as they sound, there are various risks associated with the intake of these supplements because they can lead to a surplus of vitamins in the body!

Elevated vitamin levels may cause more damage than good to your body; therefore, follow these precautions to avoid complications.

The first thing you should do before going for these supplements is to get them verified by your general physician or any other specialist doctor. Ensure that you only consume these supplements after getting a green signal.

Analyse your diet and get tested to find out if there are any deficiencies in your body, and then decide which supplements to consume.

Lastly, ensure that you do not consume high doses of vitamin A, E, and beta carotene because they can prove to be toxic to your body.

Final Words

With everything being said, you might wonder if adults and healthy kids need supplements. Remember that these supplements are not a ticket to skipping meals or avoiding a balanced diet.

Ensure that you consult your doctor before beginning to intake these multivitamin supplements and stay healthy!