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Vitamins For The Immune System For Kids

Vitamins For The Immune System For Kids

Childhood is a crucial phase of life for any kid. It is our responsibility as parents to ensure that they undergo an all-rounder growth and development. While we are precarious at ensuring their brain’s and body’s growth, we often end up forgetting about strengthening their immune system.

However, to carry out their daily activities like playing sports or gaining knowledge, their immune system plays a crucial role. We need to supplement our kids’ diets with vitamins to make their immune systems resilient and robust. 

Nonetheless, we know how parenting can sometimes be arduous, and between micro-tasking each task, there are chances that you might find safeguarding them against cough, cold, or sniffles challenging. 

Therefore, this blog sheds light on various vitamins essential for your child’s immune system to help you safeguard your child’s immunity seamlessly!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a wonderful and powerful antioxidant, making it an important vitamin for strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C helps your child’s body build its natural defence system effectively.

In addition, vitamin C acts as a cell shield by keeping free radicals at bay, preventing oxidative damage. It not only enhances their body’s phagocytosis but also acts as a stimulator in neutrophil migration to the infection site. This vitamin is also responsible for managing sick cells.

The natural sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, berries, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. However, if your kids hate consuming these natural sources and you are confused between authentic and vegan vitamin C sources, you can try Chewwies Iron & Vitamin C gummies

Being a blend of cherry flavour and vitamin C, these gummies are a delicious treat for taste buds as well as your child’s immune system!

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

For the effective functioning of your child’s immune system, adequate amounts of vitamin D must be supplemented to your kid daily. Did you know that its absence could make your child susceptible to myriads of infections? Your child might become prone to autoimmune diseases, leading to the body attacking its own tissues and organs. 

The best part about vitamin D is that you do not need to look out for it anywhere. Your little one can get it directly from the sun! In case you live in regions with minimal sunlight, you can go for red meat, egg yolks, milk, and oily fish as the primary D sources. However, if your child is a vegan, you can obtain supplements like Vitamin D3 gummies

Being an excellent alternative to natural sunlight and other sources, these vegan gummies are power-packed with the goodness of vitamin D3 and ensure your child is never devoid of them!

Vitamin E

Being a potent antioxidant, this vitamin is a must to ensure that your kid’s immune system develops fully. Not only does vitamin E help prevent potential damage to cells, but it also keeps them in the right shape and ever-ready for fighting off any diseases. 

Did you know that your skin is your body’s first line of defence against any foreign substances? This is why it is essential to take care of your skin, and what better way than enriching it with vitamin E? Your children’s skin will get revitalised and healthy, which means they are better adept at bidding goodbye to invaders and diseases!

Incorporate almonds, avocados, mangoes, pumpkin, peanuts, bell pepper, beet greens, and other sources to enrich their body’s immune system with the potency of vitamin E.

Vitamin E








Vitamin A

We all know the role of vitamin A in enhancing vision, but did you know that it can also bolster your child’s immune system? That is right! It is also essential for the effective production of mucous that is an integral part of the immune system.

These mucous barriers are primarily found in the eyes, lungs, gut, and genitals, where they trap bacteria or any infectious agent from entering the body. The presence of adequate levels of vitamin A in growing kids ensures that their inflammation risks are reduced. 

This means white blood cells can seamlessly do their defence job without being hindered by inflammation!

Kale, carrots, kiwis, fish oils, tomatoes, spinach, and other leafy greens, milk, and eggs are some of the most common sources of this vitamin A that work wonders on the immunity of a growing child as well as an adult!

Vitamin B6

The best defence strategy involves effective communication, which is precisely what vitamin B6 helps in. It helps immune cells communicate with each other effectively, allowing your child’s immune system to synchronise and work in harmony. 

This vitamin also partners with the biological catalysts, enzymes, to promote biochemical reactions within your immune system. 

If your kids consume foods rich in B6, their immune system will be better qualified to guard them against various forms of ailments and infections. B6 is also in charge of helping their body produce more red blood cells, strengthening the immune system, and producing more antibodies when required.

To acquire the benefits of B6, include fish, potatoes, bananas, fortified cereals, poultry, and other sources in your child’s diet.

Vitamin B6

 Multivitamin Supplements

If your child is a picky eater or vegan, they might miss out on various sources of these vitamins. However, you do not have to worry about your child being deprived of these essential nutrients. 

By purchasing multivitamin supplements, you can ensure that your child receives them in the right quantities at the right time! These supplements are a blend of various vitamins we have discussed in this blog, so make sure to make a note of them!

Final Words

The immune system certainly can not be fortified within a day. Remember that as kids grow, they come across various detrimental foreign substances, and if their diet is devoid of these vitamins, they are at a greater risk of acquiring malicious diseases. 

Make sure your kid takes vitamins during the winter, when their body needs them more than ever!

So, incorporate these supplements and foods in their diet to ensure that their growing body and immune system are as robust as possible!