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Is Red Bull Halal?

Is Red Bull Halal
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I’m sure that everybody knows what we are talking about when we say it gives you wings. Red Bull, of course! 

If you are a fan of energy drinks, there is no way you haven’t enjoyed a cold can of Red Bull. While some people might worry about caffeine or sugar intake, people from Islamic culture are interested to know whether Red Bull is halal or not. In other words, is it safe to consume or does it contain ingredients that are forbidden? If you want to find out more about it, continue reading this article.

What is Red Bull?

Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks in the world and it has a variety of different flavours. Pretty much everybody knows their funny commercials where drinking Red Bull gives you wings whenever you need them. Every now and then, Red Bull comes up with yet another edition of their popular energy drink. 

These are the editions that you can currently find in your local store:

  • Red Bull Energy Drink
  • Red Bull Sugarfree
  • Red Bull Zero
  • Red Bull Summer Edition (Apricot and Strawberry)
  • Red Bull Red Edition (Watermelon)
  • Red Bull Coconut Edition (Coconut-Berry)
  • Red Bull Yellow Edition (Tropical Taste)
  • Red Bull Peach Edition (Peach-Nectarine)
  • Red Bull Green Edition (Dragon Fruit) 
  • Red Bull Blue Edition (Blueberry)

Aside from being famous for their energy drink, Red Bull company organises many sporting events and they sponsor many athletes and sports clubs from almost every country in the world. 

What Are the Main Ingredients in Red Bull?

Ingredients that Red Bull Energy Drink contain are:

  • Caffeine
  • B-group vitamins
  • Sugars
  • Taurine
  • Water

While those are the main ingredients of the popular beverage, there are many different products with various natural and artificial flavours, as well as Red Bull Sugarfree or Red Bull Zero that do not contain any sugar.


Caffeine is a natural chemical that occurs in many plants and its main function is to stimulate cognitive functions and improve concentration. One can of Red Bull energy drink contains precisely 80 mg of caffeine.

B-group vitamins

Vitamins are the most important nutrients that help our bodies remain healthy and functional. Red Bull contains niacinamide (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Those vitamins help us fight tiredness and they contribute to our mental performance.

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Sugar in Red Bull Energy Drink is obtained from sugar beets. 


Taurine is the key ingredient that makes us wonder whether Red Bull is halal or not. Taurine is an amino acid typically found in animals, but it can also be manufactured synthetically. According to Red Bull, their drinks are suitable for vegetarians because they only use non-animal ingredients. It is safe to assume that taurine in Red Bull is man-made and therefore complies with Islamic law restrictions.


The main ingredient in Red Bull is water sourced at their production sites in the Austrian and Swiss Alps.

Other Ingredients

As it was already mentioned, Red Bull Energy Drink comes in a variety of flavours and special editions. Depending on the edition, some colours or natural and artificial flavours might be added to the ingredient list. But Red Bull assures us that their drinks are suitable for vegans and vegetarians since they do not contain any animal products.


Red Bull beverages are considered halal. The only questionable ingredient, taurine, is not derived from animals and it completely complies with the rules of Islamic law. So, next time you are looking for something to pick up your energy, you can safely drink Red Bull knowing it is completely halal. There are also many halal sweets and treats that you can munch on while enjoying your favourite energy drink, you just need to do a bit of research.

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