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Is Horse Meat Halal?

Is Horse Meat Halal?

Horse meat is lean and has a flavour similar to beef and deer. It tastes delicious when cooked or eaten raw. A nicely grilled horse, with its fat dropping, would taste much better than any beef.

This yummy delicacy is surprisingly soft, nutritious, lower in fat, and can be used to replace any other meat in a diet.

However, It has always been a subject of concern deciding if horse meat is meant to be eaten, from both a cultural and religious standpoint.

In this article, we would discuss this delicacy as a whole and answer the big question, is horse meat haram or halal?

Well, the answer is Yes and No! Read on to get to know the reasons behind these opinions.

Although some Islamic scholars agree that horse meat is halal, others disagree.

They, however, do not term it ‘haram’ but rather ‘makruh’ which means it is not considered a sin but comes with a reward for abstinence.

So while there is a point or two saying horse meat is not halal, a closer look shows that horse meat is halal and permissible for the Islamic diet.


Why is horse meat considered halal?

There are a good number of reasons why horse meat is agreed to be halal, some of them include;

According to the Hadiths

On the Day of Khaibar, Haram animals were clearly stated and included domestic asses but not horses.

This was backed up in numerous hadiths, given instances where the Messenger of Allah (SAW) was said to have eaten horses and even drunk its milk with his companions (Peace be unto them).

This is enough to make the consumption of horse meat halal!

Horses do not fit the description of haram animals

According to the Islamic dietary law, animals considered haram are carnivores with claws for tearing their prey or birds with talons. 

Horses are neither of these. Horses are grass-eating animals with neither claws or talons, Therefore halal.

Horse meat is predominantly served in Kazakhstani, a Muslim country

Serving a type of meat in a Muslim country doesn't automatically make it halal but here, a formal Fatwa was requested and obtained by the Kazakhstani embassy from the Al Azhar Al Sharif Islamic Research Academy in Egypt. 

Their Fatwa said that it is acceptable to consume horse meat and milk, provided that they had been produced in obedience to Islamic and Shariah law.

So if you’re a fan of consuming this glorious animal, It is safe to say you are not breaking any law.

But if all these showcase that horse meat is halal, why isn’t this delicacy accepted by all scholars to be halal?

Delicious Horse Meat

Why don’t some Islamic schools of thought accept it as Halal?

Here are some of the reasons horse meat is considered haram by some Islamic scholars;

Horses are gallant creatures adorned by Allah

Horses are used mainly in sporting, warring and prestigious activities that showcase strength, beauty and royalty. 

Back in the day, a man's honour was measured by the number of horses, women and weapons he had.

With all these, it just doesn’t feel right that even the award-winning horses end up in a pot of soup.

This explains the debates on whether it is haram or halal.

Horses are not ruminant

Halal animals are often ruminant animals. They are not just animals that feed on grasses and other herbs but animals with more than one chambered stomach. 

Horses on the other hand have just one, making some scholars question their halal status.

Horse meats are rare

If horse meat was as common as beef or pork, more research would have been carried out and the halal status would have been clarified. Currently, not many pay attention to it.

Some consider horses family

Judging from the prestige, connection and all that comes from horses, you can easily get attached to a horse. 

Therefore eating its meat becomes an emotional taboo as in dogs or cats.

Most of the conceptions against horse meat are more cultural-based than religious-based.

Cases where horse meat could be considered non-halal?

While horses are halal, they are not like some seafood like sharks considered halal regardless of anything!

We have some cases in which they are non-halal, Some of which are;

  • When Horses are not treated rightly, they are not suitable for the consumption of devout Muslims.
  • When horses are not slaughtered according to Islamic law, they are said to be haram.
  • Horses used in any form of pagan worship are considered haram as Islam kicks against the consumption of anything offered to the pagan deities.
  • Also, the method of production and ingredients used could make the horse haram, but the horse itself is halal and permissible for consumption.

Consumption of horse meat in some countries is considered taboo and makruh by some schools of thought, however, none of these makes it haram.

To be safer, many Muslims are becoming vegans since virtually all vegan foods are Halal.

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However, if you still want to enjoy treats like horse meats, make sure all the processes of slaughter, cooking and serving, meet the requirement of the Islam dietary body.