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What does Halal mean?

What does Halal mean?

Halal is something that means a lot to Muslims and their faith, as well as being a word that is very familiar to non-Muslims too, but do people of other faiths actually understand what Halal means?

Here at Chewwies, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our pure and natural vitamins are 100% Halal, so here is our guide to this important part of the Muslim faith.

Halal means 'permissible' in Arabic and describes anything that is allowed under Islamic Law. Although it is most often used to describe food and drink, halal can refer to any object or activity, and can apply to all facets of life. These terms are commonly used in relation to food products, meat, cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals. Anything NOT allowed is referred to as haram.

According to the Qu’ran, all animals need to be treated with respect and this includes in life as it is in death. This means that when it comes to animal slaughter, there are strict guidelines as to how it should occur humanely and with reference to Allah.

Prior to killing, animal should have been well cared for and are given food and water. No other animals are allowed to be in the vicinity and slaughtering cannot take place where pigs have been or are since Muslims do not eat pork. The whole process is built around the Muslim ideal that all life is sacred.

Chewable vitamins often contain gelatine in order to produce that jellylike, chewable texture. In order to ensure that chewable vitamins are Halal, the gelatine use needs to be obtained from an authenticated Halal provider or be a vegetarian option that does not include any killing of animals.

At Chewwies, we guarantee that all of the vitamins are free from animal material and any source of gelatine. All our products are 100% Halal, meaning that you can enjoy their great taste and health benefits regardless of your preferred faith and beliefs, knowing that Chewwies are a company that respects different faiths and cultures.