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What is truvia and is it safe?


A little green packet of magic that promises the joy of sweetness without the sorrow of calories - Truvia! Everyone wants to eat sugary stuff, but no one wants the health implication. That’s where this appealing sweetener comes to play.

Truvia came into the limelight not too long ago offering sweetness without regret. Recently, everyone seems to be more conscious about their health. 

With the rise in consciousness comes questions like what do vitamin gummies do? What healthier forms of sugar do we have? And a million other health questions… This post dissects Truvia, letting you understand if it lives up to the hype or not.

What is truvia?

The story of Truvia begins with the enchanted leaves of the Stevia plant. Those lovely leaves hold the key to a captivating compound called steviol glycosides, and this is the magical wand from which nature's own sweetness springs forth.

Truvia is simply an FDA-approved and taste buds-approved sweet solution. It is one of those goodies we get when science mingles with nature. Some people consider it, eating your cake and still having it, calorie-free! 

So, sprinkle, stir, and savour the sweet life with this mesmerising sugar substitute.

what is truvia

Is truvia safe? 

This is always the million-dollar question! Various food safety authorities, like the NHS, FDA and others have given Truvia the green light. Thus it is not just safe for consumption, but of immense health benefits when compared to conventional sugars. 

Plus, scientists have done their homework, so you can sip that Truvia-laced tea without a worry in the world.

Debunking the truvia myth

Okay, before we proceed any further, let’s set the records straight. Some of these myths are;

Truvia turns you into a unicorn

Is that even possible? As much as we'd love a unicorn ride, Truvia won't sprout wings or whisk you away to fairyland. It's a sweetener, not a magic wand. Even iron that boosts athletic performance doesn't turn you into a unicorn.

Truvia boosts for weight gain

With zero calories, Truvia won’t in any way sabotage your waistline or flat tummy mission.

Truvia affects reproduction

Sorry to break it to the rumour mill, but has nothing against your unborn cuties. So there you have it, Truvia is just a healthy alternative to sugar, not a magic wand or sidekick.

Truvia vs. sugar

This is an infamous clash in the culinary world. While sugar may come with calorie-laden muscles, Truvia with almost zero-calorie sass looks like a nimble dancer. Let's find out who emerges victorious!


Sugar is calorie-studded, but Truvia is diet-friendly with little or no calories.

Guilt factor

While sugar is delicious, it leaves a guilt trail behind. Truvia on the other hand is guilt-free. Most supplement companies today use this to make sugar-free, yet tasty gummies. The kind you can indulge in without feeling remorseful!

Sweetness factor

Sugar is famed for its full-throttle sweetness, but Truvia has its unique charm which is appealing to most. They are both equally enjoyable.

Healthier option

Sugar loses out on this round, entirely. Sugar might come with a few health drawbacks, but Truvia doesn't.

Final Verdict? We’ll let you decide that for yourself.

Truvia vs. sugar

What lies ahead

In the grand recipe of life, Truvia isn't just another ingredient – it's a catalyst for change!

  • An explosion of flavour options.
  • Global domination, one teaspoon at a time.
  • Sustainable sweetness.
  • A new wave of culinary creativity. 
  • Unlock more benefits from the Stevia plant.
  • Success in the pursuit of wellness.
  • Sweet moments, one spoonful at a time.

With all these healthy and tasty innovations, the future is looking sweeter!

Imagine a universe where every sip, every bite, is a tasty step towards a healthier you – Chewwies are already successfully going down that route.


Whether you're a health-conscious hero or a taste bud thrill-seeker, Truvia invites you to a party where guilt isn't on the guest list, and fun is the only rule. 

More than just a sweetener, Truvia is a symphony of science, a dance of taste, and a journey of joy. So, go ahead, sprinkle it, stir it, savour it – because in the world of sweetness, Truvia has a marked spot.

Go have a sweet life, one Truvia teaspoon at a time!