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What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin D3 For Kids?

Benefits of Vitamin D3

It is not hidden that vitamin D is referred to as the 'sunshine vitamin.' However, most people have no idea that it is actually vitamin D3 that is synthesized by exposure to the sun. Now, you must be wondering, 'aren't vitamin D and D3 the same?'. We know this can make many scratch their heads. So, let's break it down. 

The Science of Vitamin D

Vitamin D has two dietary forms- vitamin D2, known as ergocalciferol, and vitamin D3, known as cholecalciferol. Both of these are metabolized in the liver, and the combination of the end products determines the vitamin D status of the body. 

Vitamin D2 mostly comes from plant sources. It can also be obtained from mushrooms treated with UV rays and fortified almonds, oats, cereals, and soy milk. However, for vitamin D3, you will have to turn toward the animal kingdom. Salmon, cod liver oil, sardines, trout, and egg yolk can feed vitamin D3 into our system. In addition, our skin also synthesizes vitamin D3 upon exposure to sunlight. 

As we all know, vitamin D is essential in building stronger bones and boosting our body's immunity, among other benefits. Therefore, it is considered a crucial nutrient for children. Kids with sufficient vitamin D intake present better growth, development, and general well-being. 

Studies suggest that vitamin D3 is more efficient than vitamin D2 in maintaining a healthy vitamin D level. There are also vitamin D health supplements which are given to children to ensure sufficient supply of nutrients. You can find several health supplement brands currently that sell various types of supplements. Now, let's find out how exactly vitamin D3 benefits our kids. 

Vitamin D3

Benefits of Vitamin D3 In Kids

Here is why vitamin D3 is so important for kids. 

To Build Strong Bones

Calcium and phosphorous are the two vital minerals that are important for the mineralization of bones. In a simplified way, we can say that these minerals help strengthen the bones. Vitamin D3 plays a significant role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous from the intestine. 

Impaired absorption due to insufficient vitamin D3 in the body leads to weaker bone development. One of the most common diseases that develop in children due to vitamin D deficiency is rickets. This results in weaker bones that bend to give a bow-like appearance. 

On the other hand, with strong bones to provide support, your kids can have a wonderful time enjoying their childhood, frolicking around. 

Boosts Immunity

Since Covid-19 hit the world, building a strong immunity has garnered much attention. Vitamin D3 can do exactly that. What can be better than making your kid's defense system robust enough to fight off infections? Vitamin D3 paves the way to a more immune system.

It protects the body against influenza and other respiratory diseases. This is made possible by Vitamin D3's ability to stimulate immune responses. It activates certain white blood cells( the T-cells and B-cells), the soldiers of the body. 

They then recognize the pathogen invading the system and destroy them, stopping the spread of infection. Sufficient vitamin D levels will reduce your kid's risk of asthma, tuberculosis, and other pulmonary diseases.

Regulates Mood

You might not have expected to find this in the list of benefits, but it's true. Vitamin D3 can significantly improve mood and reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. This is why children who spend more time under the sun stay happier than those who stay confined to their homes. So, if you want, you can easily buy vitamin D gummies and pills from a health supplement online store

Maintains Oral Health

We had discussed a little earlier in this article that vitamin D3 helps absorb calcium and phosphorous. Since both these minerals are important raw materials of tooth enamel, adequate vitamin D3 results in healthier teeth. 

Not only that, but it also promotes gum health and prevents inflammation. In kids deficient in vitamin D, tooth decay, gum inflammation, and bleeding are more likely to occur. 

Prevents Critical Diseases

Research shows that vitamin D can potentially reduce the risk of stroke, other cardiovascular diseases, and type-2 diabetes. Besides, it has also been found that vitamin D may effectively reduce the risk of certain cancers like prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer. 

While more research is still required to confirm the claims, it can be said with certainty that children with critical illnesses are often found to be deficient in vitamin D3.


How To Ensure Adequate Intake Of Vitamin D3 In Kids?

The primary sources of vitamin D3 include sunlight and other animal-derived foods like fatty fish and egg yolk. To ensure proper health, between 600-1000 IU of vitamin D needs to be supplied through diet daily. If your kid doesn't have enough exposure to sunlight or doesn't eat foods rich in vitamin D3 in an adequate amount, you should give them vitamin D supplements to fulfill their daily dietary requirements.

If you have been wondering which supplement to put your finger on, look no further than the delicious vitamin D3 gummies from Chewwies. Being 100 % vegan, these yummy gummies can give your kids the perfect blend of health and taste.


These were the most common benefits of vitamin D3. The list can, however, continue to be endless. Research is still going on to unearth other advantages of the wonder nutrient. So, be it from food or supplements, make sure that your kid reaps the benefits of vitamin D3 and paves the way to a healthy and hearty life. Make sure to contact chewwies to purchase the essential health vitamins quickly.