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Vitamin D, What's all the Fuss?

Vitamin D, What's all the Fuss?

If you haven’t heard about the wide-ranging benefits of Vitamin D, then it’s well and truly time to learn what the fuss is all about.

Known as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is naturally produced by the body when exposed to sunlight. Go back 100 years, many people lived in dark, squalid conditions and this resulted in a childhood disease known as Rickets, a cause of bone deformities such as bowed legs. Whilst even if you now live somewhere where there are not many sunny days, it is likely that you are still getting just enough natural sunlight to supply an adequate, but not necessarily abundant, amount of Vitamin D. But live somewhere where daylight is limited and topping up Vitamin D levels becomes an essential part of everyday life. 

Also, as nowadays we are very aware of the effects of the sun on skin that isn’t protected, we automatically ensure that we apply a high-factor sunscreen in order to protect against premature skin damage and ageing as well as skin cancers. Essential though this is, this can also prevent absorption of Vitamin D, meaning that taking a Vitamin D supplement helps to balance the all-round health risks and bonuses of spending time outdoors.

As Vitamin D has a strong association with bone health, it comes as little surprise that it is naturally found in dairy products such as milk, as well as in fish and cod liver oil. For those who actively avoid absorption of these food types in their everyday diet, taking a Vitamin D supplement helps keep the body topped up in this essential body building nutrient.

But away from bone health, Vitamin D also has other health benefits that make it a must have supplement for the busy modern lifestyle. Great for maintaining a healthy immune system, maintaining optimum blood flow, possibly helping with cancer prevention, supporting a healthy mind and potentially reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s and depression. And as a deficiency in Vitamin D is linked to pre-eclampsia, taking supplements can lessen the chances of early labour and premature birth defects.


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