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Top 3 Tips for a Healthy Christmas for Kids.

Top 3 Tips for a Healthy Christmas for Kids.

It’s nearly Christmas, a time known for celebration, spreading happiness everywhere and praying for peace to all. Yet along with this comes an inevitable amount of overspending and overindulgence, meaning that it can also be an anxious time for some.

If you’re looking to ensure that your children stay healthy all year round, here are Chewwies top 3 tips on finding the perfect balance between them having a treat this festive season but without undoing all the hard work from the rest of the year.

1. An advent calendar doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate. In fact, times are changing with toys, stationery and other items becoming more the fashion. However, these undoubtedly come at a cost, so why not do something as simple as placing a promise behind each window or a free treat such as a token letting them stay up an extra 15 minutes one evening. Doing this truly evokes what Christmas represents.

2. When it comes to Christmas Day food, eating is very much a focal point in the celebration. But with a bit of clever thinking, you can let them have your cake and eat it. Prepare your food yourself and then you have control over what goes into it as well as saving pennies. Don’t simply pile loads of food onto the plate and adjust the portion size for your child’s normal appetite.

3. Sweets are everywhere at Christmas and it is hard to stop them being given as a gift. Limit the amount they can access by placing out of their reach but don’t let this seem like a punishment or strict rule. Make having sweets part of something positive and not negative which helps to prevent the child craving a sweet and making it a bone for contention. Challenge your child to spread the sweets over a couple of months and create a target for when they achieve this. This could be as simple as a fun day out with the family, just as spring appears.