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Stress and Anxiety in Children

Stress and Anxiety in Children

Whilst it seems like in modern times the majority of adults will experience some level of stress and anxiety in their lives, albeit to differing degrees, there also seems to be an increase of similar symptoms in children and adolescents. Simple issues like making friends, starting school and arguments affect most children, but for some individuals this becomes far more overwhelming than just being worried.

We live in an increasingly pressurised world, from how we look, how much money we have and achieving good exam results and symptoms that your child is not coping can be being moody and irritable, complaining of not feeling well, especially with tummy ache, not wanting to go out or participate in ordinary life routines, not eating well, being prone to more negative viewpoints, obsessing with how they look, a poor sleep pattern and nightmares, crying and comforting themselves with childhood toys and behaviours.

Treating stress and anxiety can be a complex journey but seeking out immediate treatment is important. However, when it comes to diet and exercise, both are believed to have positive benefits not only for the body, but the mind too. 

When we are stressed an adult, the temptation is to go for something sweet and indulgent and this is no different in a child. Childhood is synonymous with sweet stuff and giving them treats is often a way to improve mood almost instantly. However, it can also bring a mood crash later as well as having the possibility to create a dependence on it. Try feeding fruit instead that contains natural sugars but still has a tasty sweetness.

Caffeine, as found in some fizzy drinks, is also another way to achieve an instant boost but as with sugar, can cause in a dip in mood as well as energy later. Water may not be their preferred choice but try fruit infused blends that boost flavour.

Also remember that a daily quality vitamin tablet helps to balance out any nutritional deficiency and when the body is getting what it needs, it will function better, inclusive of mood. Try out our Halal Sugar Free and Gelatine Free Gummy Vitamins at Chewwies.