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Make it a Handmade, Nature Inspired Christmas

Make it a Handmade, Nature Inspired Christmas

It’s looking like it’s going to be a Christmas like no other, and set against all the changes that seem to occurring on an almost daily basis in 2020, for many, it’s maybe time to focus on life in a different way.

In Lockdown 2.0, and with high street shops shut just as Christmas shopping gets underway, many people are looking to indulge their passion for all things crafty. And with the government encouraging us to ensure that we pay attention to our levels of Vitamin D, how about making Christmas presents that are inspired by the great outdoors?

Pinecones and holly are seasonal items that can be found outside in plentiful numbers at this time of year. A wreath is a great item to give and can be great fun to both make and decorate. Or why not make a truly bespoke Christmas tree decoration? Use a pinecone as a body and make a hanging ornament person or make a Christmas tree by joining 3 twigs together in a triangular formation and wrapping ribbon around to look like tinsel.

Pinecones are also perfectly shaped for making mini Christmas trees. Spray or paint green and then glue a cork on the bottom. If you are growing vegetables outside, you could also make a Brussel sprout tree. Glue a solid ring of sprouts a base then continue building up further layers using less sprouts each time until you just have one left at the top.

Painting stones is a lovely, thoughtful way to provide a gift that has a truly personal touch. Go for a walk and collect stones and pebbles of different sizes. Clean and dry them when you get home before painting a Christmas themed picture on it. Seal with varnish to make sure the picture stays in place. Why not make a few extra and place outside for other people to find and encourage them to get outdoors too?