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Living the Outdoor Life

Living the Outdoor Life

As we try and get back to some sort of normality, it seems our love of the outdoors has become a real thing as opposed to just a necessity.

With sales of items such as fire pits, hot tubs and garden furniture soaring, socialising outdoors in any weather is suddenly one of the coolest things we can do. Think toasted marshmallows, pizzas made on a pizza oven and exterior gin bars, and the climate is certainly changing.

Children have always been ahead of the game in terms of enjoying the outdoors. Whether playing in the mud kitchen, bouncing on a trampoline or simply exploring what nature has to offer, the new landscape of how we mix together truly offers new opportunities for quality family time and after a 2020 to not dwell on and a decidedly iffy start to 2021, it is definitely needed. Spending time with your children outdoors is a welcome break from the strains that have existed during home schooling and offers you a unique opportunity to join in your child’s world through their eyes. Let them explain what they are doing, take the lead in what they want to do with you so at last they can feel in control of what is happening in their lives.

Of course, away from the obvious benefits to mental health of socialising and being outdoors, fresh air is a bonus to the physical health in many ways. Moving around and exercising helps the body keep supple and helps keep weight in check. Coronavirus is far less likely to spread outside and time spent outdoors can also help to boost the immune system which in turn helps fight many different infections. Sunlight is an essential source of vitamin D which also has immune boosting properties as well as being essential for the teeth and bones.

Remember that f you are unable to enjoy the outdoors for a variety of reasons, taking a high-quality vitamin supplement helps to keep the body functioning at its optimum level.