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It’s Back to School!

It’s Back to School!

As a parent, it seems that every year, however much you look forward to the school summer holidays beginning, saying goodbye to the daily drop-offs and pick-ups, not having to do the lunch making or lunch paying, no piles uniforms and PE kits to wash and, of course, the seemingly never-ending debates about homework, come the end of August and you are very definitely starting to crave getting the school routine back.

The new school year brings with it new challenges for your child - new teachers, a fresh curriculum and for some, even a new school, so as much as you make sure that everything they need is prepared in terms of uniform, books and stationery, it makes sense to ensure that their body is also in tip-top condition, both physically as well as mentally.

Our hugely popular multivitamin has been formulated to keep both body and mind functioning at its best, making it a must have for the new school year.

Vitamin A is a very important vitamin that keeps the immune system and skin healthy as well as helping with optimum eyesight. Whilst the government recommend that children from six months to 5 years get a certain amount of this vitamin every day, there are no specific guidelines for the formative years after. This is the same for vitamin D, essential for healthy bones as well as mental well-being and naturally obtained from sunlight, as well as vitamin C, found naturally in fruits such as oranges as well as vegetables such as tomatoes and broccoli, which is good for all round health.

Chewwies multivitamins ensure that you are continuing to give your child what they need, especially important in the case of fussy eaters, but these lovable raspberry flavoured bears come with more benefits too. 

Vitamin B6 helps the body’s energy levels, perfect for a busy child who is at school all day. Vitamin B12 helps the nervous system, making sure that those learning messages are being absorbed by the brain. Vitamin E helps the immune system, helping to fight off infections so potentially more time is spent in school as opposed to at home poorly. Calcium is recommended for healthy bones so that the body is in perfect shape for PE and sport. Biotin keeps the skin, hair and nails in good shape, so your child will not only look good but feel good too. And last but not least, folic acid, helping the blood to keep healthy and functioning so your child is on top physical and mental form!