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Is Turkey Halal?

Is Turkey Halal?

Luscious and nutritious, turkey meat is consumed widely across the globe. This meat is found on many tables, especially during the holiday season. However, many people are often apprehensive about whether turkey meat is halal or haram. 

When you follow certain laws and rituals strictly, you want to be sure that what you consume does not cross any lines. In this guide, we will answer your question once and for all! 

What Is Halal?

When translated from Arabic, Halal means permissible. Islam prescribes a distinct slaughtering method that should be followed for the meat to be considered Halal. The whole process should strictly adhere to Islamic laws. One mistake is enough for the meat to be classified as Haram instead. 

This methodology involves a cut delivered straight to the jugular vein, carotid artery, and windpipe. All the animals that are slaughtered should be alive and healthy during the time of the slaughter. Finally, all the blood should be drained from the carcass.

During this process, a Muslim recites a dedication known as a “Tasmiya” or “Shahada”. Today, there is a myriad of products that are halal in the market. You can check out if products like gluten are halal or not!

Delicious Turkey

Can We Consider Turkey as Halal?

Islamic laws forbid the consumption of birds that have talons. Naturally, eagles and hawks or any fanged beasts of prey are considered to be haram. Luckily, turkeys do not have these talons! 

However, remember that not all Turkey meat can be classified as Halal! Wondering why? To answer this question, we will first dive deeper into the slaughtering process mandated by Islamic laws.

Dhabihah – Halal Slaughter of Animals

The method we will describe now applies to all poultry animals, and this slaughtering process should be followed for all Halal animals that do not come from the sea. Read further to know more! 

  1. The slaughter should be performed with the help of a sharp blade swiftly to make the cutting as painless for the animal as possible.
  2. The next thing to keep in mind is to deliver a swift cut to the throat. Wait, why aim for the throat? When you aim for the throat, it easily allows you to drain the animal of blood. 
  3. The animal must be Halal and should be healthy and fresh at the time of the slaughter. Since Turkeys are considered Halal, you can make turkey meat, Halal by following these steps!
  4. The animals that are being slaughtered should not be facing each other. 
  5. The person who is performing this act should be rational and qualified.
  6. The act should involve the recital of Tasmiya and Takbir.

Where to Find Halal Turkey?

With everything being industrialized, the meat industries often cramp animals together before executing them. This is why it is essential to do your groundwork and ensure that your source diligently follows through with the entire procedure. 

If the shop or the brand receives Halal certification from the Halal certification bodies, then you can safely purchase meat from them!

Benefits of Turkey Meat

Turkey meat offers a myriad of benefits to the people who consume it. Let’s check out a few!


Rich in Proteins

Being lean meat, turkey meat is an excellent replacement for chicken. It is high in protein content and can help you reduce your fat intake! Additionally, it offers nine essential amino acids crucial for your body's growth and repair! 

Of course, multiple alternatives like Bundle Packs offer you complete nutrition. Being vegan-friendly and 100% Halal, these are excellent alternatives for you! 


Rich in B-Vitamins

From energy production, and brain functioning, to the formation of red blood cells and DNA, Vitamin B helps in all of them! It also contributes to the rise in B3, B6, and B12 in your body.


Rich in Minerals

Turkey meat is also rich in minerals like selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron. So, how are these minerals beneficial to your body? Well, they can help your immunity as well as bone strength!


Final Words

When following the Islam way of life, it is crucial to follow all the laws to the point. This includes keeping track of whether the food and drinks you consume daily are Halal or not. Nowadays, many Muslims are turning vegan because most vegan foods fall into Halal.

If you are worried about missing nutrients by avoiding meat, you don’t have to worry because Chewwies Multivitamin Gummies can ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs. However, if you still want to turn your holidays into memorable moments with the exotic flavours of turkey meat, ensure that you buy it from a reliable source that follows all the Islamic procedures dictated by Quran!