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Is Marshmallows Halal?


Are you very curious about trying marshmallows but unfortunately cannot find the halal ones? Don’t worry we got you. For those of you who don’t know what halal is, it’s an Islamic dietary restriction that people follow. In contrast to haram food which is forbidden, intake of halal foods is permissible. 

But now, marshmallows are mostly made with gelatin that is extracted from the collagen that is produced by pork meat or beef meat. But that doesn’t mean you can never treat yourself to this sweet dessert if you conform to a halal diet. There are many food companies that produce the most delicious halal range of foods that you can consume, including marshmallows. You can find them online or near your local stores as well.

Marshmallows are versatile snacks to have. Basically, a pillow-like candy. You can munch on it as it is or make smores out of it during bonfires with your favourite people during camping. You can either pair them with a hot cup of scrumptious cocoa or with your choice of biscuits and chocolates. Most marshmallows do not follow certain dietary restrictions of different faiths because they are mainly made in the US where they use pork gelatin.

Halal Marshmallows

What Goes Behind The Making Of Halal Marshmallows?

The key ingredients that go into the making of halal marshmallows are similar to the other kinds. It includes the starch of corn, gum, water, gelatin, modified food starch along egg whites that need to be whipped. This mixture is crucial for the texture of the marshmallows. By acting as agents of emulsification, they provide the aeration needed in a marshmallow along with equal distribution of fat. For the gelling purpose, gum extracted from plants is used. 

By mixing it all and heating it at a specified temperature, the resulting remnants are then beaten until a foam forms and any sort of preferred flavour is added. 

Formation And Cooling

The next stage of making Halal marshmallows is forming and cooling. The foam being shifted to a heat exchanger now is pumped with air. The cooling takes place after this inside a tempering kettle and the marshmallow is then passed through another filter. Then they are extruded with the help of machines. 

The excess starch of the marshmallows is removed in the cooling drum where they reach their final temperature. 

Formating And Cooling Marshmallows


The last step in the process includes the packaging of this fluffy goodness. After all is done and dusted, now comes the crucial part of weighing the contents and packing them. The products are passed through a metal detector after which all the cases are coded and dated. Then comes the shipping of it in retail stores. 

For the creation of marshmallows, a controlled environment is very much required so that the bubbles that form inside the foams can be controlled manually. It is a very important process indeed. 

The bubbles should have an even distribution throughout the body of the marshmallow and for that, a controlled environment is needed. Here, you should take into consideration every factor of the beating process during the formation of a marshmallow. 

Final thoughts 

It is indeed very hard to find stores that follow your dietary restrictions. This is where Chewwies come to the rescue. It is the solution to all your halal needs. If you have any queries regarding their products, do check out the FAQs that are provided on their online website. If you need more information, check out their website and do contact them with your ordering needs.