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How to keep kids cool when the heat is on

How to keep kids cool when the heat is on

There can’t be many parents who haven’t experienced a few moans and groans from their little ones during the current heatwave, and with temperatures showing no signs of imminently dropping, keeping the kids cool when the heat is on is a battle parents need to confront.

Here are Chewwies top 5 tips on how to keep them comfortable whilst the sun continues to shine.

1. It goes without saying that keeping hydrated is of the utmost importance. Dehydration can bring unpleasant side-effects with things deteriorating rapidly if not dealt with, so this is not the time to be overly concerned about what fluids they are taking in.

Drinks such as water and coconut water naturally keep fluid levels topped up and are deeply refreshing, but if you have a fussy drinker, as long as that liquid is going in it is good news.

If you are struggling to get any drinks in them at all, ice lollies are a great alternative, as well as cooling things down and taking the heat out of any brewing temper tantrums.

2. Letting the children play outside in the sun is an enjoyable pastime and a great source of vitamin D. However, sun damage is not something any child wants to have so avoiding peak times such as midday is always recommended.

Don’t think that dressing them in minimal clothing will keep them cool as keeping the body protected is a far better alternative. Consider hats with UV protection where the neck is covered to avoid sun stroke.

3. Cooling off in water is always a fun part of childhood. Letting them take a dip in a paddling pool is almost a rite of passage but keep the equipment in the shade. Some paddling pools now come with built-in covers over them to take the worry out of splashing around.

4. Travelling in a car can be an uncomfortable experience when it’s hot with many people worrying that air conditioning will increase fuel consumption. Winding down windows is no way near as effective so make sure they always feel comfortable and calm, whatever the length of journey. Installing suckered window blinds helps to keep the sun out too.

5. Prevention is better than cure, so make sure you are always keeping an eye on your child when outdoors in the sun and heat. You may think you have done everything that you need to do but keep a regular check on your child for signs of dehydration and sunburn.