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Home Schooling and Mental Health

Home Schooling and Mental Health

With home schooling back on the educational agenda, it seems that lockdown 3 is very different from last March. And with schools being disrupted for almost a year now, the negative effect on children is becoming increasingly obvious. After years of parents telling their children not to spend too much time on screen, currently children are having to spend time on screen engaging in lessons, albeit to different degrees depending on the school they attend.

With the mental health of children become an increasing concern, we have spoken to a teacher about their ideas on how to balance quality learning without unnecessary stress.

When it comes to maths, knowing the method is the important thing. If a child has forgotten their times tables, then give them a prop like a multiplication square to use so they are learning the maths process predominantly. Many apps and activities require children to be timed but at the moment, this may well be causing children even more worry. Forget time limits and just let the child do the maths in their own time.

For English, general reading and writing is what it’s about. If you are struggling to get your child to write anything, then try getting them to write about something they enjoy such as gaming, sports or even their favourite TV programme. Writing about what we know and enjoy is generally easier, so don’t be afraid to let them choose the topics. Asking them to proofread and check what they’ve written is also highly useful and an important skill. Alternatively, if you’ve done something like baking or have played a game, asking them to write down the instructions is just as valuable.

Maybe more important than anything, is never to forget that you know your child more than anybody. If you look at them and can see that they are struggling, don’t be afraid to pause what you are doing and take a break. It may be important to keep on learning, but not at the expense of the health and happiness of everyone within the home environment.