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Having a Splashing Time during the Summer Holidays.

Having a Splashing Time during the Summer Holidays.

It seems that here in the UK, the payoff of having one summer full of good weather, is to follow the next with completely the opposite. And with school holiday time to fill, just how do you have fun in the rain?

Exposing yourself and your children to the outdoors in order to get a dose of vitamin D is important to everyday health. However, when faced with the prospect of rainy day followed by rainy day, this is increasingly difficult, meaning it is wise to top up with a quality vitamin supplement such as Chewwies. Despite the rainfall though, in the summer months there still may be some sun in the sky, so here are some top ideas on how to embrace getting wet whilst having a great deal of fun at the same time.

There is just something about a puddle that captures the freedom of childhood, so when it rains, it’s time to grab your waterproofs and make a splash! Jumping in a puddle shows that simple pleasures can be the best and better still, comes at no cost element to it too. 

Think you can’t paint in the rain? Allow your children to either make a paint splodge picture inside, (or even better outside) then take it outside and see the creations that raindrops can create. If you’re making a scrapbook of your summer holiday memories, here is solid proof that rain doesn’t need to stop playful fun.

Forget buying bubbles from the shop because a drop of washing-up liquid in a puddle can bring you the same effect. Blow into the puddle with a straw and wait for the giggles at the bubble cloud it creates.

Help with the academic brain slide by letting your children measure rainfall. Perfect for embedding the school curriculum with your measurements, mark a recyclable bottle or cup with the appropriate lines and then see just how much water those pesky rainclouds bring. If it is set to rain over a few days, make a chart and compare the results.

Break free from normal constraints and let your children play outdoors however dirty they get. Mud and water wash off, but fun memories never fade.