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Getting them off their tech and outdoors

Getting them off their tech and outdoors

Exercise and good nutrition are key to helping your children to be healthy both now and into adulthood, yet as technological advances continue to increase at a phenomenal rate, the temptation to stay inside and static is a very real one for the current generation of youngsters.

So how do you get them off the sofa, out of their beds and enjoying the outdoors more?



Start as you mean to go on, so expectations are set from a very early age. Once habits are formed they are incredibly hard to break, but if they are used to a set amount of time outdoors in a set amount of time on tech, then that is what they are very likely to accept.


Lead by example

There is little point laying down the law with your children whilst you are tapping away on your own smart phone. 

Children learn from what is around them so always ensure it if you are asking them to come off their tech when they don’t want to, you are seen to be doing the same. This isn’t just advice for the children, but good for you too.


Make outside somewhere where they want to be

You may feel like lying on the sofa yourself watching TV with a good book, but for the sake of your kids it’s time to do something that they will enjoy outside. 

Make your garden or outdoor area a place of excitement and fun regardless of your budget, or get them out the house and out and about, visiting places where potential memories are created. Many places can be visited for free, so this isn’t about having to spend money.


Involve them in the decision-making process

If they are determined to dig their heels in and strop and stomp when you ask them to get off their tech, the mature way to get them to do what you want them to as well as what is good for them, is to involve them in a rational conversation.

This strategy is all about mutual respect, and if you treat them with some, you are likely to be surprised at how they will respond. Sit down and have a calm and rational conversation and ask them what would work for them. This isn’t about giving them the power, but if they have made the decision about how it needs to work, they will have little choice other than to do what they said would be acceptable.