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Fun in the Snow

Fun in the Snow

It’s getting cold out there and that means the inevitable flurries of snow. Whilst the temptation may be to stay inside, cosy and warm around a log fire, children’s faces light up at the thought of fun in the snow. Being outdoors and getting exercise is never a bad thing, so just what are the fun activities that you can be doing when snow arrives?

Running around is a surefire way of keeping warm. A good old snowball fight is an immediate mood lifter but why not crank up the competitiveness by creating a target with closest to it being the winner? This is a game that avoids the sting of a snowball hitting you, along with the tears that can sometimes occur.

Do you love the feeling of the snow in your hands? If the snow is deep enough, bury some objects underneath, being careful to cover your tracks, and let the children go on a snow themed scavenger hunt.

One of the most enjoyable things about snow is creating footprints. A twist on the game of tig is to only run in places where feet have previously been, which is a great way to use up all that pent-up energy from being inside.

Naturally, who doesn’t love building a snowman, so let a child’s imagination run free by letting them create anything they choose. From a snow monster to an image of a family member or friend, from snow car to something that has never been created before, this is entertainment that can last for hours. Just prepare them for the fact that at some stage it will melt away.

Another creative idea is to fill some squirting water bottles up with water and drip in a couple of drops of food colouring. Take them outside and make your own artistic masterpiece in the snow

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