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Festive exercise

Festive exercise

‘Tis the season to be jolly - maybe too jolly - with food a major part of the Christmas celebrations.

And with the weather not exactly at its finest for outdoor play, just how can you ensure that your kids are getting adequate exercise and levels of activity?

Here is the Chewwies round-up of great winter exercise ideas for all the family.

Let’s build a snowman.

When it starts to snow, the temptation may be up to stay indoors in the warmth of the home. However, when you are a child, the opposite applies, and kids can’t wait to get outside in the cold stuff! 

There is nothing more traditional than building a snowman and all that rolling of snow and building takes a great deal of effort too. Using multiple muscle groups as well as including a lot of general moving about, this is exercise disguised as great family fun! Better still, you have an end result that you can be proud of.


In recent years, Christmas markets and Christmas adventure playgrounds have become more commonplace, meaning that you are never far away from an outdoor ice-skating rink. Whilst it is likely that you will fall on to your bottom at least once, the movements that you need to make in order to balance and project forwards make it great for burning off all those Christmas chocolates and treats.

Always stick to specified rinks and don’t be tempted to go on to frozen lakes and rivers where the ice can crack without warning.

A family walk.

Many people make a walk on Christmas Day part of their annual routine, especially after a meal that is excessive by normal standards. In ever busy lives, spending time with the family is precious and is an activity that all can generally do without over-exertion, as well as in most weathers. This is a simple but effective way of getting exercise as opposed to just sitting in front of the TV screen or playing on an iPad.