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Do children need extra vitamins?

Do children need extra vitamins?

We live in an era of increasing awareness of good health, with both government initiatives and increased access to the Internet making us more and more aware of the positive effects of a healthy diet. 

Head to the nearest supermarket or chemists and you’re sure to find vitamins specifically targeted at children and teens but is there really a need for children to have extra?

Whilst you may be determined that your child has the best quality food always and strive to provide a mixed and varied diet, there is often nothing you can do when faced with a picky eater. Many of us try our very best to instil a love of healthy choices from an early age, but sometimes with the best will in the world this doesn’t happen. Choosing a quality vitamin that children enjoy taking can provide them with the essential vitamins and nutrients that you need in order to grow up strong and have a strong immune system. 

Even if your child has a love of fruit, vegetables and other healthy alternatives such as pulses, nuts and grains, there is no avoiding some gaps occurring in nutrient intake. During times of illness and when we are not able to go outdoors, children simply are not able to process healthy foods as efficiently, meaning that taking a vitamin is like an insurance policy against the unexpected.

As children grow and start to socialise away from the home environment, we start to lose control over what they eat elsewhere. Taking a vitamin supplement ensures that you still have control over the health and well-being of your child whilst you are letting them grow as a person and individual in their own right.

And once children become teenagers and assert that sense of who they are, ensuring that they are accessing healthy choices and being honest about their intake is no longer a given. Teenagers are still growing and developing healthy immune systems, so the taking of a daily vitamin can keep them strong as well as boosting brainpower at a time when they need it most. 

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