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Children and Vitamins

Children and Vitamins

As a child, we experience a rate of growth like no other time in life. This is occurring at exactly the same time as a child’s immune system is developing, building the foundations of a healthy, adult body and helping to keep them protected from bugs, germs and diseases.

Whilst many vitamin needs can be adequately catered for by providing a balanced, varied and nutrition filled diet as well as exposure to sunlight, this isn’t always easy to achieve. Bad weather, fussy eating habits and sometimes even lack of time as opposed to lack of will can mean that there is a deficit that needs to be filled. Current government guidelines recommend all children aged six months to 5 years are given an additional vitamin supplement that includes vitamins A, C and D.

Vitamin A is an important factor in building a healthy immune system as well as keeping eyesight and skin in optimum condition. Naturally, Vitamin A is found in dairy products, root vegetables and dark green vegetables. Whilst in an ideal world children will have these in their daily diet, the reality is not always easily achievable. We have all heard about at least one child who refuses to eat their greens!

Vitamin C has for a long time been known to benefit children and as it is naturally in oranges and strawberries as well as tomatoes and peppers, it is undoubtedly a tastier proposition! Important for all over health as well as having key benefits for the immune system, it also helps the body absorb iron. Too little iron and we become lethargic and pale.

Vitamin D is probably the hardest 1 of the 3 to find in the everyday diet. Present in oily fish and eggs, the best way to get vitamin D is by exposure to natural sunlight, something not easy to do in an often cold and damp climate.

When you’re choosing a vitamin for your child, remember that by having something that is fun to take will not only overcome a battle of wills, but encourage them to take an interest in their own bodies and well-being.