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Child’s Development – The pre-school years

Child’s Development – The pre-school years

Having children is a responsibility that as parents we relish, but it doesn’t come without its own unique set of worries and challenges.

Knowing if our children are meeting the required milestones of development is something that can take on a lot of importance for parents, but it is hard to know just how well your child is doing when each child develops at such a different rate.

The early years, from birth to just before school at aged 4 or 5, is a time of significant growth and development. Here is our guide to what you can expect from year to year, bearing in mind that each child will vary.

Birth to Age 1.

So many things happen in the first year of life that it is hard to keep up!

By six months, your baby is likely to be moving around on the floor, enjoying playing with toys and grabbing for objects more effectively. By the end of the year, those hands are looking to explore more and more so keep anything dangerous away!

There is no definite time as to when a charge should walk but around the age of 12 months, your child will change from baby to toddler and start to want to stand and take the first steps.

Your child will start trying to form words and become increasingly capable of wanting to do things on their own.

Age 1 to 2.

Your little person is now starting to truly appear, in terms of personality and character too!

Toys are an integral part of learning and your child should now be walking, albeit sometimes reluctantly.

Communication becomes increasingly clear and your child should be able to communicate to you their needs and wants.

Age 2 to 3.

Now we see energy levels increase so running and jumping become part of the walking repertoire.

Children now start to pick up pens and pencils and put them onto paper and create.

Language comprehension and verbalisation skills increase as well as a determination that can be hard to handle!

Age 3 to 4.

As they start nursery or head towards school, you should be able to see their independence at a level where they can be separated from you and still exist.

Your child is now a proper little person with their personality on show and preferences as to what they eat or play with.

Learning through initiative and inquisitiveness is great so let your child develop and enjoy the show!