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Best vegan children’s multivitamin

Best vegan children’s multivitamin

Vitamins and minerals are indispensable micronutrients for everyday life. Every one of them plays a different role, enabling our organisms to function normally.

 Our bodies can not produce all of the needed nutrients by themselves, so we must take them from outside sources. Vitamins and minerals can be found in everyday food, the precondition is, though, that our diet is various and balanced.

Children spend a lot of their energy in school, doing their homework and playing with other children. Besides, their growing bodies require nutrients important for complex growth processes occurring at those young ages.

There are a lot of factors that can cause children to lack vitamins. They are vulnerable to illnesses and are often picky about their food, which is why we should consider supplements as a possible solution. 

Children and vitamins

Children need vitamins and minerals as grown-ups but in different amounts. Nutrients that take part in bone construction and brain development processes are especially important in childhood.

Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E in cooperation with minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and cink, build our bodies from a young age and help to maintain our immune system function properly. Also, they play an important role in keeping our nervous system functioning and help protect our organisms from infections. 

The best solution is to get all the necessary nutrients from food, but oftentimes, it is hard to organize a child's diet to be both right on time and diverse enough to meet all their needs, especially because children often tend to refuse healthy food.

In those cases, supplements like Chewwies multivitamins provide the possibility to compensate for the lack of variety in everyday meals. 

Children and vitamins

Why are multivitamins good?

By taking multivitamins we can provide our bodies with all the nutrients we missed to take via food and so, raise our energy levels. 

Multiple kinds of research have shown a connection between a bad mood and a lack of certain vitamins. By taking supplements you can help yourself or your child to endure everyday challenges. 

Children are vulnerable to illnesses and therefore, they need all the necessary tools for fighting possible infections. Multivitamins can be a fast way of straightening their immune systems. 

Here are some examples of which supplements like multivitamins should be considered:

  • If Your child is picky with their food and misses the important nutrients by taking snacks and other processed food instead of a balanced diet
  • If your child is on a restrictive diet and so is not able to take all the needed nutrients
  • Vegetarian or vegan children who do not eat enough dairy products could be at risk of calcium and iron deficiency
  • After recovering from an illness, your child's body could be exhausted and in need of healthy micronutrients to recover. 


There are some risks you should take into consideration when deciding whether you should or shouldn't take supplements for yourself or your loved ones.

Aldo vitamins and minerals are very much needed, uncontrolled intake can lead to a surplus in the body and therefore do more damage than good. 

To prevent that from happening, you should carefully analyze your diet or the diet of your child and consult with a professional such as a family doctor. 


Vitamins and minerals are essential for a child's growth and everyday functioning. All the needed nutrients are located in food and the best way to satisfy the need for those nutrients is by making your child's food intake regular and diverse.

However, the modern fast way of living makes it hard to organize such a schedule. Also, a child's pickiness regarding food makes it even more difficult. 

Supplements like multivitamins can compensate for those difficulties and provide a fast and easy way to give your child all the important nutrients. However, you should be careful and take supplements only if needed.