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Best multivitamin for teenage girls

Best multivitamin for teenage girls

Puberty and adolescence are periods known to be very challenging for both teenagers and their parents. Intense physical, mental and sexual growth make dietary requirements different from other periods of life. However, adolescence is also known for pressures coming from both peers and media.

These challenges are especially hard on young girls, trying to fit in and look good. Increased need for independence makes them prone to rebel against their parent's recommendations, especially regarding a healthy diet, which they perceive as boring and unnecessary.

One of the biggest challenges for parents is to ensure their teenager gets all their increased needs for nutrients met, despite all the struggles these young people encounter. The possible solutions might be in the text below.

The most crucial nutrients for teenagers

Because of the desire for thinness, a lot of young girls are having problems with eating disorders. Media imposes a thin figure as the perfect one, so it is not surprising that young people and especially young girls go on a diet regime, trying to live up to these unhealthy standards.

Thankfully, we live in an era of increased awareness regarding health and diet. Sites like Chewwies provide important information about food and supplements, and so, help us maintain our well-being. 

It is recommended for adolescents to eat up to 6 meals daily, in order to satisfy all nutrients that their growing bodies need. Their meals must be rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins of which the most important are vitamins D and C.

rich in iron

The importance of vitamins 

During the growth and development of bones, children have an enlarged need for vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are important for growth, the nervous system, strong immunity, bones, and the fight against infections. Also, minerals like iron and calcium play very important roles in complex growth processes.

There are 13 essential vitamins our body needs in order to develop and function properly. Unfortunately, the human body can not produce the majority of them, so it is our job to provide them for our organisms via food and supplements.

Vitamin C plays a key role in the formation of the connective tissue. He is also a strong antioxidant and supports the immune system

Vitamin D is essential for bone health and optimal immune function. It also plays an important role in the absorption of calcium. 

Since every vitamin plays its own important role, it is important to consume all of them on a daily basis, which means that vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin K, and vitamin E should also not be taken for granted.

Why do you need multivitamins?

Because of the fast way of living, everyday stress, inadequate diet, and conditions that require nutritional reinforcements, we should consider compensation via supplements.

Teenagers are no exception. Because of their tendency to eat outside and overlook the importance of a balanced diet, they are more than often endangered by vitamin deficiency in this stressful part of life.

Because of menstruation, teenage girls lose important nutrients, which they also often miss to consume through everyday meals. 

Supplements like Chewwies multivitamins provide a guarantee that you will get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, and so make up for the nutritional deficiencies.

Chewwies multivitamins


Vitamins and minerals play important roles in the growth and development of cells and bones. They are also essential for energy production, maintenance of the health of bones, optimal immune function, and much more.

All these roles are even more emphasized in the ages of intense body growth and increased stress factors, such as looking good and fitting into society. 

Everyday diet should be taken seriously and important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals should be taken regularly and abundantly. In order to have all the needs of the organism satisfied, supplements should be considered as an addition to everyday meals.