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Are Vitamin Gummies better than pills?

Are Vitamin Gummies better than pills?

Everyone would agree that gummy vitamins are the most popular and tastiest type of vitamin. They come in different flavours and are easier to swallow than regular pills.

These chewable, sugary vitamins are very similar to gummy candies, making them more appealing to children and adults.

But the real question is — are they as efficient as regular vitamins?

Read on to know the reason behind this answer.

Quick question: Are vitamin gummies better than pills?

The simple answer is Yes and No!

You may consider saying gummies are better than pills because they serve the same purpose and are easy to swallow.

But, you need to know that some contain ingredients that aren't friendly to your body system.

Also, though both vitamins might be similar in functions, price and availability, they have a lot of other differences.

The good side to vitamin gummies

  • They are mild on the stomach, unlike vitamin pills that are topsy-turvy to the stomach.
  • Vitamin gummies are chewable and easy to take. Thus, helpful for those who have trouble swallowing pills.
  • Vitamin gummies are more likely to be absorbed into the bloodstream than pills.
  • Lastly, vitamin gummies are enjoyable to eat, as they come in various flavours.

So, vitamin gummy would always be a great way to increase your vitamin level if you are a sensitive eater or have dietary limitations from allergies.

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Some downsides of vitamin gummies

Here are some of the places vitamin gummies fall short;

Easily degradable

Vitamin gummies have a shorter shelf life when compared to pills. The short shelf life of vitamin gummies makes it challenging to know the amounts of nutrients a vitamin gummy has because the nutrients reduce with time.

To make up for this, manufacturers add more nutrients than the label specifies, giving room for the nutrient level to reduce but still meet the status shown on the label.

Excess intake could lead to digestive problems

Like the famous statement, Too much of everything is bad for one's health. Vitamin gummies' sweet and chewy nature makes them easily addictive, causing excessive consumption. 

This excessive intake of vitamin gummies could cause serious digestive issues. To be safer, do not take more than four gummies with 10 mg of niacin per serving. 

Increased sugar intake

Each pack of vitamin gummies contains about 2 grams of sugar. According to the dietary food agency, the recommended daily sugar intake is 35g for men and 26g for women. 

Considering how easy it is to consume this gummy, one could quickly ingest over the –recommended sugar intake.

Adverse effects on dental health

Vitamin gummies can adhere to your teeth and cause cavities to form quickly.

Excessive consumption of vitamin gummies causes wearing out of enamels, leaving the tooth prone to attack. 

A chunk of these downsides lies in the ingredients used to make this gummy.

Some companies pay more attention to taste and texture, disregarding the health benefits of these vitamin gummies. Hence you want to consume one you can trust.

Some toxic ingredients used in producing vitamin gummies

Here are some ingredients that are red flags for healthy gummies;

Refined sugars

Refined sugars play a massive role in the sugary taste of vitamin gummies. It is one of the leading causes of some chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver diseases, and many others.

Increased refined sugar intake also increases the risk of depression. Some companies replace refined sugar with other mild and suitable sweeteners.

Sugar alcohols

In vitamin gummies, sugar alcohols—natural sugar replacements derived from fruits and berries are used.

These sweeteners include; erythritol, mannitol, and isomalt and could cause nausea, bloating and diarrhoea. These alcohols can upset the stomach, but only when taken excessively.

Gluten and gelatine

These are often used in producing vitamin gummies to give them their texture. While this is non-vegan or vegetarian and haram, it is also entirely unhealthy.

Therefore, whenever a vitamin gummy contains either gluten or gelatine, It only makes sense you avoid the vitamin gummy. The vitamin gummy should be avoided!

Although Vitamin pills are difficult to swallow and have a substantial effect on the stomach, discouraging people from balancing their diet, they are still more efficient.

A vitamin gummy can be a better option than a vitamin pill if it is made using a suitable ingredient, which is sugar-free, natural, and from a certified company.

Gluten and gelatine


It has been medically approved that vitamin gummies guarantee your health, growth and development when taken correctly.

You need to speak to your doctor about the right amount to take and the most sufficient for your health.

You can also get safer options from Chewwies, which include specific vitamin deficits and multivitamin supplements.