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Air Pollution and your Children’s Health

Air Pollution and your Children’s Health

We live in a world where there is an increasing amount of traffic on the roads with the result of this being the current generation of children are potentially exposed to high levels of pollutants on a daily basis. And if you live in inner-city areas with high volumes of traffic, especially in the morning and evening rush hours, every breath our children takes is exposing them to the possibility of health issues.

But not all air pollutants come from traffic. There are factories, energy sources, farming pollution and more, meaning that in the modern world, it is impossible to escape coming into contact with it altogether.

Health issues that can arise from air pollution range from asthma and weight issues to neurological disorders and even cancers and whilst you can’t avoid coming into contact with pollutants in today’s society, you can take small steps to make a difference.

Avoiding high pollutants areas.

Think about the route you go to school and whether you can go a different way if you’re always subjected to large volumes of traffic. Most emissions occur at a lower level from vehicles so even things like carrying a child in your arms in busy areas will lessen the pollutant effects.

Try and travel when it is less busy, even if this means getting up a few minutes earlier so you beat the rush and leaving school a little later when the traffic has died down. Walking and cycling are healthier for you but going on less busy roads is safer and more pleasant.

In the home.

When at home, limit the use of air fresheners and cleaning fluids and if you are a smoker, do this outside away from open windows and doors.

Getting your children to rinse their nose, mouth and eyes helps to rid the body of particles before they are inhaled and if you can get it to become habit, your child will not think twice when they do it, just as with washing their hands.

Find Green Land.

Enjoy family time in the countryside where you are away from any site of factories or in view of busy roads. Breathing in deeply with cleaner air also improves mood and strengthens the lungs.